Magic Forest Academy


Magic Forest Academy is a place for Imaginations to explore and learn about the natural world  through enriching and engaging activities.  Our nature based educational books inspire  a deep appreciation of nature in unique ways embracing Literature, Math, Science, Geography, History, Social Studies, Arts, Crafts, Cooking and more. Our nature themed educational books  align with natural seasonal changes, ensuring an ever increasing knowledge of nature that our world so greatly needs.

Magic Forest Academy is organized so that educational material can be used independently, or combined together as an inclusive full-year curriculum designed  to engage students and teachers together on a learning adventure.

Our books and curriculum are sorted in three stages with each stage complimenting the next in nature and academic themes. 

Stage One: Ages 3-6

Stage Two: Ages 7-12

Stage Three: Ages 13-17

Stage One consists of 365 prompts designed as a daily guide of nature themed songs, storytelling, games, puppetry and pretend play centered around imagination, independence, teamwork and cognitive development focused on instilling a deep appreciation of nature.

Stage Two consists of 52 individual nature themed guides, each filled with reading, math, science, art and craft, games, recipes and additional activities designed to challenge children's  ability and enthusiasm for problem solving and innovation.

Stage Three consists of 12 complex nature themed projects  designed to apply imagination and skills fostered from previous stages that guides and challenges students to become champions of nature and conservation.

All educational material is secular to appeal to all, and engages both teacher and student in a manner that nourishes the minds, and most importantly, focuses on understanding, appreciating, and conserving nature for today and future generations.