Magic Forest Academy


Magic Forest Academy is an engaging nature based educational program that is both secular and affordable.  Our books inspire  a deep appreciation of nature with unique and fun activities centered around  Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Life Skills and more. Our nature books  can be studied independently of each other or combined together in a way that flows  naturally with seasonal changes. Many of our clients use Magic Forest Academy as a year-round inclusive curriculum whilst others enjoy us as a supplement. However  you decide to use Magic Forest Academy, you and your children are sure to love our program, just as all of our clients do. 

Our Stage Two program is currently available, consisting of  52 individual nature themed unit studies, each filled with reading, math, science, art and craft, games, recipes and more. Fun and engaging activities are designed to challenge children to use  problem solving skills, and most importantly, to connect with Nature!  Also highlighted within each of our unit studies is an introduction to over 50 unique North American Indigenous communities, who offer much to learn of the natural world. Whilst Stage Two is written as child-led for ages 7-12, it can be easily adapted for younger and older ages, as well to instructor-led (see our free syllabus on our Curriculum page)

Magic Forest Academy continues to work on on additional stages of books  with hopes to publish these programs in the near future:

  • Stage One 52 individual nature themed playbooks, each filled with storybooks, finger-play songs, math and science games,  nature walks, and pretend play centered around imagination, independence, teamwork and cognitive development to instill a deep appreciation of nature.  Ages 3-6. 
  • Stage Three 12 complex Project Based Learning  studies applying skills and knowledge gained from previous stages, that further encourages students to become champions of nature. Ages 13-17. 

All educational material is secular to appeal to all, and engages both teacher and student in a manner that nourishes the minds, and most importantly, focuses on understanding, appreciating, and conserving nature for today and future generations.