Magic Forest Academy

Magic Forest Academy Stage 2 is an inclusive, full-year, nature-based secular curriculum covering 52 unique themes that naturally flow with the seasons. Written as child-led but adaptable as instructional guides used by Educators, from homeschooling parents to classroom teachers and beyond. Each seasonal bundle comes with 13 unique nature themes aligned to the season. Each nature themed unit contains Reading, Math, Science, Arts/Crafts, Game, Recipe, and numerous Additional Activities focused on Nature Journaling, Geography, History, Cultural Studies, Field Trips and much more. Our books can be used independently, or combined together for a robust nature based educational program that can be used exclusively or to compliment to existing curriculum. This exclusive offer is for friends and family of Magic Forest Academy only. Prices subject to change at the discretion of Magic Forest Academy without further notice.

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Magic Forest Academy-Stage 2-Four Seasonal Bundles
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8.5" x 11" (21.59 x 27.94 cm)-Full Color-Gloss-Paperback
136 pages/book (544 pages total)
SPRING ISBN- 978-1976346071,     AUTUMN ISBN-978-1979445313
SUMMER: ISBN- 978-1979447331,     WINTER ISBN-978-1979447690